Virtual CFO service Plans

Our charges purely depend on the time we give to grow and manage your business. Charges vary depending on the nature of business and number of transactions.

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Service Plans

In case, you have an in-house Accountant or you can yourself manage major part of accounts and compliance then you can pick from our bouquet of services mentioned below, as per your need:

Registration Services under: Income Tax, GST, ROC and labor laws:

With a team of Chartered Accountants spanning over 20 cities in India, we can help you get all type of registrations in your city as per local laws apart from Income Tax, GST, ROC and Labor laws registrations. If file, doesn’t move online, we have team present in major part of India to push and get the work done.

TaxOptimizer is Established and trusted

Filings under all the above laws:

All compliance filings under the mentioned laws can be handled by us. You just need to provide us the data and then relax!. TaxSpanner’s Income tax and GST Filing tool fetches data automatically from the books of accounts maintained on TaxSpanner thereby
eradicating human errors. No Duplication of Work!

Maintenance of Books of Accounts:

We help our customers maintain books of accounts in the most simplest way possible yet which is compliant to all Indian laws. TaxSpanner’s cloud-based accounting software is a game changer here.

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Monthly MIS Reports for Proactive Business Decision Making:

Once the accounts are ready, role of our Finance experts starts. Accounts will be broken and analyzed in such a way that meaningful insights can be given to entrepreneurs that will help in major business decisions and cost/revenue planning cum budgeting.

Transaction Advisory, As and When Required

Most Important! We want to be part of the business and not someone who points out the errors after the transactions have happened. Entrepreneurs can discuss transactions with our experts before actually doing it so that no trouble occurs in future. Transaction planning can help businesses avoid litigations in future!

TaxOptimizer is Established and trusted

Tax Planning and Finance Budgeting

Our tax experts can help Entrepreneurs save money in a big way by helping them in planning their taxes at the transaction advisory stage. Finance budgeting helps to keep a check on costs thereby indirectly increasing the revenue.

I am so happy that TaxSpanner is handling my taxes. The CA answered all my tax queries in detail and was very patient. Highly recommended.


I am highly impressed by quick and efficient service provided by taxspaner in submitting my I.T. return filling.the staff attended my call nicelyAnd with patience by shashi khanna
Dhruv Khanna


Focus on your business 100%

Everyone earns money either through job or business but not everyone knows that tax saved is also analogous to money earned. The money earned is then spent to meet the basic needs, partly spent to meet our discretionary needs also called as aspirations and rest is saved or invested to meet our short, medium term and long term goals in life. Sometimes or most often we are not able to differentiate between needs, aspirations and goals. Even when we may be knowing these but still we are unable to channelize our resources in the best possible manner to get the best returns.

India’s First Integrated Tax Compliance Platform

Right from Registrations, Filing returns, Tax Payments, Preparation of Balance sheet and Profit loss account, Transaction advisory and panning. All integrated into a single platform.

Direct & Indirect Tax Compliance

All in one solution for your tax and financial planning plus investment.


Accounting & Financial Management

Right tax saving investments for achieving life goals; Authentic tax advisory and tax saving; Easy connect with a dedicated CA


Tax Planning & Advisory Services

TO+ is End to End for safeguard against miss-selling and extended to buy investment as per recommendation.